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Reviews for "TD-The Portfolio"

You are my spirit animal. Pretty much every single fucking Technical Dave is something I can relate to 100% and beyond. This entire episode pretty much is my art school experience in a fucking nut shell. I'm closing in on graduation in about six months and many of the things you contemplated on I am currently struggling with now. I don't regret my decisions, just wish I had done things a bit differently is all. As always, fantastic work and I love it probably more than I should.

I look forward to the next one.

I've been watching this from #7 I think and I just thought I'd leave a note that I love it. It may always sound jaded and angry but its a real interesting way to tell a real story from crap to triumph (even without counting the one before this). I've been watching these throughout my freshman year in college and even though I'm in a entirely different field, it was a refreshing and entertaing journey to go on. The balance of doing what you want (love?) while keeping reality and outside influences in check seems to be half of college, especially for those more introverted. It's also a constant reminder to not screw around or procrastinate on the essentials (even when they suck). Not to forget you have some serious talent artwise.(your monolague ability isn't bad either).
Can't wait to see how this turns out as I struggle down the journey apongside your past self.
(In case anyone isn't aware he also has a channel for these but I prefer viewing them on NG, just fits the mood better)

I love these series,keep it up man! :D

I love these so much

About the anime:


SOOOOO Many fuckweebs think their anime is just so fan-fucking-tastic any judges just have to make an exception. I don't think that it's so much their ignorance or inability to follow instructions, so much as it is their breaking the rules deliberately to spite whoever made the rules because anime is OBVIOUSLY superior to basic fundamentals.

Knew a girl in my class who was obviously talented, but had only 2 or 3 anime OCs that she would draw over and over, stagnating and getting worse every time. When professors told her that she had to stop drawing anime and diversify, she went off on every one of them and dropped out. Moron.

That being said, I find your experiences very relatable and I enjoy watching them. Will you ever dabble in animation?

Raziberry responds:

I doubt it. I just don't have the time to learn and prefer the writing/speaking aspect storytelling.