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Reviews for "Kram Keep"

Great little game. With all the amazing AAA+ titles being made lately, it's good to strip back to the basics. One level, one map, knowing there's some way to get to the boss at the top :) Thanks for the experience.

An awesome "byte-sized metroidvania"!, could beat it (on normal) in ~30 minutes. The presentation was great, and it managed to be long enough while keeping its small scale, at least longer than what I expected at first.
Some of the platforming bits were a bit tricky, but nothing ridiculously hard to make it seem cheap, and it was fun to end with a boss fight AND an escape sequence. It really seems like you took the most essential elements of the "metroid-vania" genre and made as much as possible within the Ludum Dare limitations.
Makes me wonder If you could keep making more "mini-worlds" like this in a sequence, just a thought.
Good work!

The game is extremely too hard to play, the enemies respawn after your death at a save point which makes the progress of advancing rather difficult, some health items are out of reach and unable to be obtained..game would be better if the difficulty was toned down just a bit. Gave it 1 star for the effort.

Not bad at all! Looks nice and clean.

Cool game. Nice graphics and music. Epic difficulty. I can't even imagine how people can get all the medals on this. Props to anyone who has.