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Reviews for "Kram Keep"

I am deducting a star because of that spikey wall jump. Fuck you for that. In all seriousness, that was uncalled for. I couldn't find a proper technique for making it through there without smacking into at least two of the spikes. Was that segment designed with no way to avoid taking damage, or was I just not patient enough to find it, I wonder. Otherwise, great game.

I had no idea that this game would be so frustrating. I'm not complaining. Well, I am complaining. What really annoys me is how the enemies come back to life when you die. At least your abilities don't. I was amazed at how complex this was.

I hate it when I have to ask for easier medals. There's certainly lots of action going on. It's nice to see such creativity put in. The sounds are good too. You certainly have a lot of environment to explore.

Completely awesome. For the first half hour I didn't think I could shoot. then I found you can throw knives!

I had fun.

The graphics were charming. They were only as complex as they needed to be; I have always liked that. I was rather fond of the little stars that show up when you make your hero bonk his head on something and the snow falling in the background sky. Those were nice touches. You captured the style and essence the metroidvania games and kept it simple and clean. Not an easy task.

The music was stellar, both the intro music and the main song, both of which I could see making appearances in Castlevania: Symphony of the Night. Kudos!

The game-play itself was good, but the underground section was brutal. The difficulty ramped up unexpectedly and the jumping sequences underground quickly went from interesting, to challenging, to aggravating, to near rage inducing. I would not have minded as much if I were playing on hard or death difficulty; those are supposed to be hard, but I was playing on normal.

I appreciate the simple straightforward control scheme, but It might have been worthwhile to add in a note or something that the wall jump lets you slide down walls too.

In summation: The portion I got through was excellent. I am guessing most of the rest is likewise as good, but the underground section was too unforgiving, and proved insurmountable. Notwithstanding the previous sentence, I felt this was a very well done game, doubly so given the limitations of Ludum Dare. I would love to see more of your work in the future. Kudos!