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Reviews for "Kram Keep"

this game is very amazing and hiqh quality sprites, you know, i've been waiting for games like this in years and it finally had came, somehow i learn much more tricks and i just hope this game will get more better, i really like it, but maybe there's a chance that the game would be more detailed and stuff like that, thanks for the game! never dissapoint me!

to f..........k annoying

How do I jump?

What's up with the controls?

The linage of the metroidvainia is there for sure, but the enemies were not the thing I fought the most-
it was the keyboard. This game NEEDS a control pad to play.The keyboard feels clunky and ill suited to the fine control that is needed, especially for a game that uses wall jumping from such a wide angle. Your wall jump mechanic is fine, but what is missing is a "latch" frame that can be reflexively used as a cue to continue the jump chain. You move straight to slide, and that screws with the timing of the player reaction. Not a deal breaker on a controller, but like I said "Keyboard." I tried many different schemes and a few came close, but nothing felt intuitive or "right." no matter what I tried it felt awkward and cramped-up, as the game wanted to break free and flow, but the control format just held it back time and time again. I'm not sure if you included the option for joypad input, but it would map to my mouse, so I assume not. Add this and the game will shine for the stellar work it really is.

Woo finally got all medals!! ^^
It's a pretty good game :3
Like most people have said, the wall jump mechanic is very unforgiving... It should only activate as long as you are holding a side input.. Currently, it feels as if it activates when you are moving towards the wall (momentum).. That can be very frustrating at times when you have the key unpressed but you still hug the wall for a bit.
Nevertheless, I loved the whole 1-map metroidvania setup!
9/10 5/5; great job, amazing short game, can't wait to see more!