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Reviews for "Kram Keep"

Fun little game, was stuck for quite some time after getting walljump, until i figured out you can walk behind the spikes.. silly me.

game had great concept, good gameplay, but some platforming was nearly impossible. wall jumping did not respond at the correct angles for some of the puzzles, making it tedious and annoying to try and complete.

really fun, wall jumping was a bit hard, but that might just be me being bad at platforming.

Great game! kinda reminds me of terraria.

this game is too short, and I mean that as a compliment. I enjoyed this game so much that I wish it was longer. Reminds me of castlevenia 3, when you get the wall climber guy, mixed with metroid. Very fun, very challenging, well thought out, and came together VERY well. Good job. Thats really all I have to say.