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Reviews for "Kram Keep"

I give you one for the concept of Castlevania, but using the keyboard is too difficult for me. Would be a lot easier if t was xbox remote friendly.

Good ideas and love. Still the platforming can be sometimes unnecessary frustating on some parts, especially the things with the sting where you have to be exactly 1 pixel correct. -2 stars because of this.

At first, it annoyed me that after a respawn ALL enemies are there again. But thinking about it, that's actually a good idea. It's a good exchange for having unlimited number of lives.
I also like the gameplay and the graphics a lot, but the commands were sometimes a bit frustrating. Regarding the level design, it was sometimes annoying that you couldn't jump back to a previous checkpoint.

But what really killed it was the boss: Either it's impossible, or the difficulty is out of all proportions with the difficulty of the rest of the game. You could have included a bar showing the remaining life, at least.

But other than that it was entertaining and worthwhile.

I loved the concept, the art sometimes it was hard and unfortunatelly still cant beat the boss :( maybe bit too hard (i play in normal mod)

A sequel to this would be great, perhaps in the same story line of castlevania 2 without the bad mechanics. It was challenging, short but not too short and lots of fun.