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Reviews for "Kram Keep"

I like the fact that, even with the full map open and all the powerups appearing on the screen, the game still isn't too easy. The map revealed doesn't turns this a walk in the park, it's still an action/exploration game.

I won't give 5 stars cause:
- Some areas cheats the player spectations, such that one of the spikes: I tried a lot to find routes until I realized that I can walk through the spikes.
- The wall jumping combination with double jump is a little confusing, and I died a lot in the wall jump section cause was kinda hard to control the character.

Other than this, great game! All ma 5 r belong to this.

4:27 was my best time. It's a real shame though as if I did not die once on the boss I probable could have got like 3:47. Oh well it's a great game with a lot of fun mechanics that I learned. Such as when you get the double jump and there is the hole in the roof you can use the mechanic where the spikes wont hurt when coming from the same angle and wall jump of the wall of the spike skipping a major portion of the game. Wonderful game you got here!

Good, but less than perfect.
The game itself is perfect, except for the boss.
I was expecting a healthbar atleast. But hey, still great game!

Great fun, loved the concept :) would love to see another game like this!

That was FANTASTIC!!!! Thank you so much for creating it.