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Reviews for "Kram Keep"

The music, the graphics, what a cute game! I haven't beaten it yet, but I hear the boss battle is AWESOME! The controls are a bit hard to use without W A S D, but it's fine by me. This game deserves an AWESOME award.

Man! I really loved it! Nice music, really epic and epic boss battle. I didn't expect the final countdown (lol) so I died hahaha i was celebrating my victory, but anyway really nice game. Nice graphics. Controls are a little awkward sometimes but who cares I totally enjoyed playing this.

cool game, but character control is not very responsive. lots of deaths caused by lack of skill, but even more due to it not reacting in time. this is crucial in DEATH mode.

Nice graphic, lame controls, lame puzzles

Great game, I managed to beat it on normal playing with an arcade stick. Wall jump mechanic was very awkward to use at times but overall brilliant game