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Reviews for "Kram Keep"

Really good game, but I have one recommendation. Put in a check point past the bosses defeat, so you don't have to redefeat the boss every time you fail at escaping. I had to kill that bastard THREE times before I manged to make my way out, and I am not even sure if the game registered it as me escaping alive as there was nothing different in the ending.

I like these types of games. They are fun. The graphics are good, and the music is excellent. The controls... are okay, but they are sluggish. A good example is when you try not to get to close to a wall to perform a double jump then a wall jump off of it. If you're too close that wall you often do a wall jump when trying to preform a double jump. Other than that the controls are adequate. Also, the right most section of the castle is a bit difficult, with all the wall jumping and spikes. I don't think the spike on top of the first platform is necessary, it's incredibly hard to avoid taking damage from it.

To be honest, I can't really say I like it that much. I like these kinds of little games, and I get that the theme was"Entire Game on One Screen", but I guess that just makes me dislike the theme. Entire Game on One Screen, yes, which makes everything SO tiny, it's hard for me to even focus. Plus the wall jumps are REALLY hard to master, although that's probably because I'm a n00b when it comes to PC gaming. Aside from that, though, it surely has been done nicely. The music is very good, that's for sure, I really enjoyed that.

This was really fun, but i couldn't get past the cave... i didn't know quite what to expect but i found it really creative. i imagine its crazy difficult to prepare multiple levels (which one might expect from a game like this) but with the open map like this you really balanced it well by keeping it open, while at the same time making it evident that there are sub levels, so to speak. great music and i liked that you could see the end, you know what the goal is ;) i found the controls a bit odd though and i think it would have been better with arrows/awsd being used for jump, movement,etc. other than that, fun little game :)

metaknight3000 responds:

There are some places (like the cave) where you need to jump off ladders to progress, so having the "Jump" and "Climb up ladder" button be the same wouldn't work very well.

I like it but i can't defeat it.