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Reviews for "Kram Keep"

This game is completely crippled by the terrible wall jump mechanic. Because you have to push into the wall to enable a wall jump it causes the character to try going to the wall you just jumped from. It becomes a major issue when you're required to do some very accurately timed wall jumps or fall to your death. It became very frustrating, nearly instantly, and there were a number of those obstacles that ended up making the game unplayable for me. Sadly, if the wall jump mechanic wasn't so broken this could have turned out to be a really good game.

I hate that underground part with passion! Why is there no easy option too? And why are the enemies reappearing when I die?

Seemed like a good game. Although this is the first game I've seen anywhere, where the "when you get hit and start to flash, you should have temporary invisibility" is done wrong.

I get that when you get hit you lose a life/heart/hp but after that, you should start flashing and that makes you invulnerable for a few seconds, then when the flashing stops you're vulnerable again.

That's how it was like in the original castlevania games. It helped with strategy and is pretty traditional in all other metroidvania type games as well.

Also sometimes when I press up, my character doesn't feel like climbing stairs and just stands there. Wall jump is terrible too. I guess I'm just more used to the old MegaMan Games style of wall jump where the distance of the wall jump is controlled by the direction you press & hold instead of a fixed distance & direction like the one you decided to use...

I loved it. It reminded me of castlevainia and I loved that game as well.

Wall jumping was infuriating, but I liked the concept. Not much exploration to do, but the sheer amount of spikes to jump got tedious. Good music from Kevin as always, and I liked that there was a side ending if you failed to escape. I don't feel motivated to try hard mode unless the wall jumps start to feel smooth to trigger. I guess I'm too used to easy mechanics nowadays, but honestly I loved the game.