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Reviews for "Kram Keep"

“Entire Game on One Screen” is a great concept. I really liked the complete screen, I played half a game with the face stuck to the screen until I discovered the shift key. The controls were simple and precise, I did not have any problem with them. The Death Mode was the whole challenge, but I managed to be the first one in defeating it (the creator does not count), the only thing that I did not like was the reappearance of the enemies, it made me grow multicolored white hairs, and took me many hours to manage to overcome it. The skills were acceptable, and especially I loved the double jump ♥. What I could extract from this game was the soundtrack, " [Dethrone] Deceased Superior Technician ", it goes directly to my collection of supersoundtracks, is simply exquisite. Briefly this one is one of my favorite games, a small jewel of art.

The game is well made but damn that difficulty is so cheap

jumping precisely to shoot an enemy thats not in front of you is not fun, I really dislike these old school controls

level design and enemy placement is done precisely to infuriate and punish you

Really a game for retro hardcore platformer lovers

I didn't like it at all but I know to recognize effort, also, movement is nicely tight

Shitty controls, constant lag.
I will give it 1 star.

I loved it :D
the wall jump was a bit edgy but the rest was freaking awesome!
I do think the "oh shit" part after the boss came a tiny bit too fast. I did not even react as i was sitting back admiring my victory

From metrovania to meatboy, boy that escalated quickly.