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Reviews for "Kram Keep"

(Sorry for my english, I'm not a native english speker !)

Excellent game ! I love trying to achieve the best time possible and finding tricks to go faster =) !
I found a very interesting glitch (speedrunly speaking) that allows you to "clone" your hero, and even if I don't want it to be patched (it is so fun and I'm sure it can lead to insane times), I have to tell you :

if you retry at the same time than your death (may be frame perfect, but I'm really not sure. It is quite difficult to do), the death sound is played twice and you now control 2 heroes, one over the other. You take double damage while your heroes are superposed, but if you die, only one will be teleported to the save point and so you'll be able to really control both. Unfortunatly, the camera follows only one hero and, if you want the "shift" button to work, you must have an odd number of heroes (but you take even more damage). The enemies will detect only one hero, ignoring the other.

I am currently enjoying playing with that glitch, trying to use this to beat the game in the fastest possible way (one hero goes for the walljump upgrade while the other is on the way to the double jump, for exemple) and would be sad if it was fixed =( xD !

~MetalFox Dioxymore

It is a good arcade game. I like the graphics and the sound. But I have no clue what to do next. I've been in every cornder possilbe. i just managed to get one single upgrade, the wall-jump. So what now? I was searching and searching... nothing! What about at least a little hint or anything?

It was too hard, didn't even make it half way through.

After trying a section 40 times or so and finally making it past thinking "ok, I don't have to do that ever again" 30 seconds later I now have to do it again, but then make another annoying wall jump combo.

After about 10 minutes of dieing to the same thing over and over, it was no longer fun. Would of liked to keep going, but the amount of perfect timing required is too unrealistic.

I love this game and want to beat it so bad, But its really really hard. I Hope for a part 2 ^_^ I love this game. I would ask that part 2 be a little bit easier so im not smashing my keyboard trying to jump off walls lol. Im so going to beat this thing.

the difficulty style in this is absolutely not fun. i liked the visual style and the controls felt good.

but working through a tough platforming section only to reach a section with forced damage that i didn't have enough health to weather a couple times wore me down.

very good effort but you need to tune the difficulty better.