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Reviews for "Rescuer of Souls"

simple, but nice!

Simple and obvious game with suit music.

Half the levels when I reach the exit it just doesn't change to next level and I've to restart the one I'm in..

Nrjwolf responds:

Fixed, please try again, hope you will enjooy!

I should start by saying that I don't like mouse avoidance games. These games never seem to know if they want you to move straight and fast or slow and carefully, and you get repeatedly punished for doing both. And constantly repeating the same thing over as you fail an obstacle is no fun. This game is no different. I won the game, and I felt very good about myself; levels 23 and 24 very extremely difficult.

But for what it is, I do like it. Smooth gameplay, good music, and the color-changing background was quite nice. You've kept it simple, which maintains the focus on the gameplay. The dark souls are a neat addition. You also managed to keep any really tight hallways out of the game, which cause no end of frustration, and I even quit 23, only to return a beat it.

There was a bug: when I beat any level on Hard, the game fails to go to the next level. The only way I could get there was by going back to the menu and manually selecting the following level. I didn't have this problem on Easy.

Consider this: when the player dies, should the dark souls go back to their starting positions? There were a few times where one or more got left in a spot that made it virtually impossible to pass the level. Of course, you can restart the level, but that's not fair to someone playing on Easy. And something about the way the dark souls move seems off. I liked the idea of leading them around the level to make my own path through them, but you have to get so close for them to move, and they break off pursuit so quickly, it's actually tough to get them to chase you properly, while at other times one seems to inexplicably drift after you forever. Level 21 should have been a lot of fun, but I found it pretty miserable. Even worse, I had a dark soul on level 24 follow me all the way back to the spawn point, which made it literally impossible to continue without restarting.

Please watch the hitboxes. There were times that I felt I was failing for just being near a wall, without actually making contact.

Good job... it's not my favorite genre, but I did have fun, and I'm pleased to have won.

Nrjwolf responds:

Thank you, about dark souls you are rigth, i will fix it. I really sad about your game bug, i don't why it works wrong with someone, i will try to find what's problem is. Thank you for playing, thank you for feedback.


Really, really addictive. The gameplay is very smooth and the music is awesome! Great job!