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Reviews for "Rescuer of Souls"

Pretty good, fluid game, and one of the few I didn't mute for annoying music, nice job!
Also, I got your "impossible" medal at the get go xD

Nrjwolf responds:

Nice one! Thank you!

good game m8 thanks for the medals any hints for secret medal.

Nrjwolf responds:

It's impossible to unlock, only i know where invisible button.

I liked it, although the high input lag made it a worse experience.

This mouse maze was pretty good. It had a reasonable level of difficulty and interesting qwerks. Functionality was workable and the music was ok.

Been a long time since I played one of these mouse mazes, this feels like a really fresh and evolved version of the genre, slick controls, stylish level design (only the propellers feel a bit monotone/slow during the first level) and that trail of lost souls that follows you... it's a bit like Snake mixed in, but without the involuntary forward-movement all the time. I like everything about this. Design. Small motivating level messages (intertwined with credits and ads, clever), the ambient music, the variation and challenge, in both patience and obstacle, the ease with which you restart... really great game overall!