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Reviews for "Hook"

Pretty good small game. Add more though.

A simple, tricky, and addictive puzzle game. Good job.

woah :) different game than others. something calming about it. worth playing and spending a dollar!

Fun game, challenging puzzles that test the player well!

it seems like a new and intresting concept, but it gives minimal choises. there is no level select or indication on what to do. it is an relaxing atmosphere, but the hooks are hard to see as almost everything is white. i got stuck in level 3, but it is a demo im reviewing here, not the full game, so im not letting that be a bother for the full thing.

it will be a great improvment to fix abit clearer color for the shapes(hooks), maybe tune down the volume alittle, as it is alittle agressive(im having standard volume on my headset), add a level select and new start.

im not sure if you wanna take this so serious tho, with it bein ga demo in mind

targaciej responds: