Reviews for "Shop Empire 3"

Question. Does anyone know the very begining music, because i swear i've heard it before

It wont load for me and I really want to play...How can I fix it?

LittleGiantWorld responds:

try to refresh your browser, if it can help, try to use another browser and clear your browser cache

Uhm.. No? I won't allow cookies?

Local storage is much better, faster, and more secure and easier to develop with.

I am guessing local storage is hard or impossible to use with Flash?

Uhm... flash? No one is using flash anymore. It's close to being a bannable offense here to submit flash content. HTML 5 is 10x better... and I hope you wise up and make sure your future submissions are in HTML 5.

You can use construct 2 for a similar interface to flash.

I know I used to love this game, but it seems to be really buggy now that i play it again. For some reason I'm not earning any money from any of my shops. It makes the game unplayable. Please fix this.