Reviews for "Shop Empire 3"

interesting game and cute :)

Its a great game,but im giving 2 stars beacuse my popularity drops for no reason.Sometimes it instantly makes my popularity 0,0%.

Among many tycoon game, I really like this one. You use wacky fun content where you made a mall in MEDIEVAL era. All the names are unique, you adapt modern society, technology, and other feature into a fantasy world.

The gameplay start from interesting, to fun, and became addicted. Your mall grow and grow, more and more upgrade and feature available. So far, it was exciting enough for me to stay here and play everyday.

Quest can sometimes be hard and challenging, but I like it better that way. Extra upgrade are expensive in the beginning, but if you try to be patience, leave the game for few minutes, then sure money will flow out. (tips: always accelerate the game to 3x faster when you need it)

Little joke, without a proper management of janitor, this game sound more like a "Poop Empire", everyone and everyone pop out icon of poop, oh dear. I won't complain, but maybe its a bit too much? Even with 10 janitor in max level, plus Massive Bin upgrade, the trash still often left out and disturb many of the guest. It require really systematic positioning of janitor to clean them all. (tips: put the janitor in area where guest often come and go. Example are place with lots of stair)

Well, that still understandable. What make me go facepalm is when there are a group of thieves, obviously visible to eyes, but the guard ignore them and pursue one single thief far away.. I'm all like LOL THAT THIEF PROBABLY TOLE HIS WALLET. I though understand why, maybe its the programing logic. Each guard upon spotting thief will lock-on to them, ignoring all other target that basically more closer than the target. Wrong or not, it still kind of silly.

There are though nothing really lacking or bad. In fact, I want more and more booth shop to be unlocked, as after all booth unlocked, you wish for something more. However, I thought this already good enough, we can't had unlimited booth. If possible anyway, one or two new booth would be interesting. Maybe some kind of shop you never try? Maybe new feature for the next game? I look forward to that :3

Oh... I also laugh my ass off when I unlocked the "Slow Motion" medal. You got me right, the game goes super lag once your mall expand and visited by so many people. At first I thought its just my old laptop acting up (its laggy, not only on this game), but I realize that you even twist that weakness into a refreshing broke-the-fourth-wall joke. I approve that.

Overall, really fun tycoon game. Decent, innovative, and basically addictive!

Few tips: If anyone's stuck on the Counter a Wiz Spell just save up on the gold until you can buy the extra upgrade called "Magic Repellant" and if you're lost on what goes with what use the Trading post to fill in the blank spaces until you can re-arrange to get everything matched up!

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