Reviews for "Shop Empire 3"

Cool game.Nice Art style although I think I found a glitch? I connected my elevators to the second and third floor but customers aren't able to go to the third floor.

This game is awesome! But I have my popularity in 100% and the medal doesn't unlocks, and there is a bug in the elevator, people get stuck and keep in there, please fix that bug.

Reminds me a lot of the classic Tycoon game SimTower.
4.5/5 for:
*Difficulty. Overall, the game seems to move at a decent pace for a game played in a browser. Though this tends to be a good point, for this game though? It's actually a bad thing. There's enough 'unlockables' for a mobile game, or a decent browser game, but for the genera of game that this would be under (The whole SimTower thing that seems to be all the rage at the moment.) there should be more content, and a higher difficulty curve. As time goes by, it should be harder and harder to make customers happy, not easier due to upgrading stores and placing more types.
With out that one thing, it would deserve that extra .5 stars for the 5/5

At first I would love to mark it 5/5 but I saw many bugs and pretty disturbing ones ! I don't know if it' came from my computer or not..

First : I did'nt unlock medal, none of them for no reason
Second : I can't upgrade anything even if I have enough gold for it
Three : I have many guards and they just says "hello" to thieves. They didn't run after them !

Neato game! Just looks very cute and the overall ironic humor (a mall in medival times, with Elevators and shit!). The progress seems a little slow, but since you can't actually fail thats not a problem.
- 0,5 Stars for the bad english though :P