Reviews for "Shop Empire 3"

I wish it was about a medieval economy, but instead it's a buggy linear-reward system thinly veiled as an economy.

It sucks when it tells me to hire a person and I already have one, or build something on some floor and the whole floor is taken up. Forcing me to fire/destroy stuff just to place it again (moving buildings doesn't count? I lose money anyway) just keeps holding me back.

Instead of a Sim Tower-esque game that has no point, it has a brutal "DO THIS FOR A REWARD YOU NEED" crap that's not fun. Needing to unlock stairs when I already have an elevator? Why?

I want to enjoy it, but nah. I tried. Looks great, functions alright, except when you have to follow the progression path.

Great game.
Great 8 bit graphic style,great medieval aspect,good sound fx and good music.

the text is a bit too small... but great game anyway

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This is a fun game - when one overlooks the bugs and generally unbalanced gameplay. It's difficult to really get the ball rolling when my customers can't go up an elevator, or when wizards are apparently unstoppable, no matter what upgrades I go for. The music is a lot of fun in this, though it takes some time to figure out what theme goes with which event.