Reviews for "Shop Empire 3"

i was very impressed the first time i played this, but then i learned you have around 5 of these games that are near identical with no differences between them. I also noticed you are not even working on all the problems the game has.

My biggest and only complaint is it continues to be very lagy which causes more problems. What would make this game really fun is the END GAME stage where you have 15 max upgraded floors ect, which is impossible to get to with out your computer catching fire or the game breaking and customers bugging out.

It would also be cool if there was a game mode where you have a risk of losing. It seems no matter what you do, you will continue to make money.

i continually get stuck in this glitch where no one buys hardly anything the whole day. Ill only make about 800$ total for the whole day compared to the usual 50,000$ before i subtract my costs. To fix this i save the game, exit, and re-enter and BOOM back to 50k a day. This is dumb because if i can stop this glitch manually, you should just have it coded to do this for me instead.


Cool game but little buggy!I3 stars have 4 floors and i put on each 1 cleaner with 3 stars but there is a lot of rubbish everywhere!I bought every extra ubgrade for jaiters too.The most strange thing is that i cant see him anywhere!Pls help!

its a nice game i completed it in a frieds account but im playing it now and mission says "any building at 2nd floor i have 3 floors but the mission doesnt complete help pls

Meh, It was fun for the first 5 mins and then I couldn't move that information box in the right hand corner to expand my mall. Game went down hill from there.