Reviews for "Shop Empire 3"

I was playing it till it started lagging :P

LittleGiantWorld responds:

try to set the quality to be medium or low (you can see it on setting)

It wont load for me and I really want to play...How can I fix it?

LittleGiantWorld responds:

try to refresh your browser, if it can help, try to use another browser and clear your browser cache

I really love your game !! It might just be me, but I miss the option to go full screen or at least make it larger.

Fun game, great pixelart. I find it too easy though and whish more thought would be required about room layout. The room combos is a nice idea, but doesn't have enough importance.

Also I found some bugs:
- When you fire a staffmember but don't have enough money for the severance pay, the employee stays in the game but disappears from your staff list (so you cannot get rid of him at all anymore)
- Upgrading a lodging from level 1 to 2 costs 6,000. Upgrading from 2 to 3 costs only 1,000. That should be 10,000 I think.

There are also a lot of language errors. This looks just sloppy, especially considering the high quality of the rest of the game.


LittleGiantWorld responds:

already fix it, thank you for the bug report

So cute! Like lego man!