Reviews for "Shop Empire 3"

Totally loving the crap outta this game :) But when My Store became a super mall the game got really slow :(

Pretty well made game. However, is the Mega Combo medal achievable? After countless tries I still cannot get the 58th, 59th, or 60th items on the "Good Tier" of the combination list. Whatever the missing items are, they do not seem to follow any of the grouping schemes that the other combos follow.

Its stuck on the loading screen.

I kinda missed not having to manage multiple malls in several cities. I still love it, tho.

I enjoyed it for a while, also liked most aspects and methods. I would've liked a wider view and less lag once you get a very large mall. I eventually had to stop simply because of too much clutter, couldn't see anything after a while. Was very fun though!