Reviews for "Shop Empire 3"

Excellent game! Been playing it for hours! I think it would be nice to have a zoom out so that I could see more at the same time, so you could put a zoom it too, would be nice to see details too :)). Also would be nice to speed up more than x3...

tip: leave the game open while you work, put the time on speed 3 and then work away my friends, you will earn gold while you work! also works when: playing WOW, making a game, spending family night time, and so much more!

Nice game! I believe this game can have so much more potential however it is still a very addictive game :) I think I played for a few hrs :)

Good game, keeps me occupied. Although noone's coming to my store because it "smells" and now I cant buy more cleaners because noone is coming, and I don't have any more money to BUY CLEANERS!

Stuck on loading screen....