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Reviews for "Hacker's Escape"

A nice and challenging escape game! It took me trials and errors to figure out how to get a fingerprint to switch on a computer with a broken screen. Hint: print an image of it. Other than that, I had no problem finding the three codes which are required for unlocking the security chains.

The clue note about hexadecimal calculation is self-explanatory. You just have to replace the symbols in the example with three other numbers converted from letters. c:

This might not be for everyone, but it's an excellent escape game! I was a little worried, because everyone complained about the math, but the hexadecimal is actually not too difficult if you just look at the example on the paper and follow that exact same pattern. This one make you think, and everything makes sense. No random clicks to find abstract objects; in this one, you actually have to find objects that must be used together in a realistic way. And the text gives you some idea of what needs to be done with various things.

Best hint I can give without spoiling anything is: don't forget that objects can be forced or disassembled with the fist icon.

I stopped at the part where it asked me to do math. I hate math since my worst subject but up until that point of the game it was entertaining

that was boring. it could do without the math being forced on the player and a longer game. maybe a story

Where is the inventory?? nothing is showing up on the bottom of the screen like some websites say it's at