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Reviews for "Hacker's Escape"

When I saw the math I got worried but after I realize that was so easy. Good background and I liked the story "hacker". This game was challenging, thank you :)

I like how that description seems like a true story at first, like it's describing the game itself, until you realize it's the game story. :) Was a pretty intriguing game, not the regular kind of click-around escapes with stereotype puzzles, but with a somewhat innovative idea. Nice puzzles!


This was a really great escape game, made sense unlike a lot of other games in the genre. It'll make you think.

cool game but I had one huge problem when I played it. I had to replay to get the code from the jpg because it gave me a white snowy background so I couldn't get the numbers, the other time around I got a brown background. that felt a little bit cheap cuz the numbers where white and you need that number. the rest was solid but that took me out of it since I couldnt progress. for some reason removing the lenses was odd. I had trouble removing one of the lenses after I had used the item it is found in. then it worked again.

First escape to provide a example. I played a lot of games where they assume you know morse code, binary and so on.