Reviews for "Waddle Antarctic"

Interesting concept, I'll wait to see the updates with more funny stuff. Aaaand as always I can't find the golden astronaut.

Great potential, although enemies above level 50 would be nice.

LOL - Penguins shouldn't drink.

Loved it - charming as always. Loved all the extra content (like the city square). It would be nice if some of the interactions had random outcomes... and how does a mermaid lose her pants? Wait, penguins wear pants!?! Who knew!!

The "main game" (the battle arena) is really the only flaw - its ridiculously simple - pretty much whoever hits first wins (i.e. fighting a higher level penguin was a waste of time - unless you get lucky & have lots of potions) - it didn't really feel how I spent my skill points really mattered - other than effecting the length of a battle ;) Also potions were kinda useless (unless you are trying to beat a higher level penguin - but then the rewards is not worth the cost). I don't really see how you could fix this (it IS meant to be a simple RPG interface). Maybe if the battle arena had a tournament mode... (15 penguins of random levels (+/- 5 player levels), and you!!)??

I get that you want us to visit the health center before we can continue fighting - but maybe a purchasable upgrade (health center @ the battle arena) so you are auto-healed at end of battle would be a good addition.

Needs bomb potions, freeze potions, fire potions, and love potions... ;)

To get the medal "All You Ever Wanted", you have to wish to become a mermaid to the fountain spirit.Besides that, great game.