Reviews for "Waddle Antarctic"

What do you want to tag the wall with?
"fuck me"

"Mummy... what does fuck me mean?"
The mother looks at the daughter with a red face.
"I'm, I'm not sure honey" she sputters
"probably something awful"

... I'm sorry god. I just had to. It let me type what'd you expect? I didn't know that a child was gonna say it. O_O......... Please don't kill me.


Not to much to do in the game and its pretty easy to beat but if your bored its a great time waster. ^.^

how do people create games on here anyways, It's so amazing what people can do in this world today!

This was kind of cute and funny. ^^; Mostly too short and easy though, like most of your games, no offense. :p Good time waster though. ^^;

Aren't retro games great? :p

Anyways Shasha123goo, I was thinking about the same thing, but then I found certain things like alcoholic references when you go from the City Square to the Pub for example, and then get hangovers from stuff like Beer and Whiskey and wake up in strange ways like being naked, etc...

Most of it was kind of cute like E until things like that showed up. :? LOL. ^^;

Anyways, sigh... stupid golden astronauts. >_< Can't find them most of the time. :(