Reviews for "Arc Infinitum 1"

Here is what I think:

For a project where you are put in with very limited resources, I think you've done a really good job. I really like the concept and it definitely something I'd watch if it was on TV. There are a lot of things that need work such as the lip-syncing, some of the voice acting, animation and I feel like the model styles aren't very consistent. Then again, these are some things I can't blame you on.
However, there are things that you could definitely improve. Firstly, tone down the visual effects a little, especially the super sharp filter that's used a lot of the times. I know that you are trying to go for the anime kinda feel but the filters don't translate well. Another thing is the cinematography. Some of these shots lasted for way too long. For example, the first scene where the hunter shoots the rabbit could've easily been shortened by cutting some of the walking hunter and some other shots. I also have the feeling that you are hesitant about whether you want to appeal to reality or exaggeration. I felt this in the fight scene because not a lot was happening other than a few punches and kicks. Yet there was this sudden exaggerated force from the robots kick against the female character which felt kind of like Rooster Teeth's RWBY fight scenes. Although granted, this is your first time (in a while?) that you wanted to "take a step back from some comedy and do some movie-esque type stuff", you shouldn't be wishy-washy about your decisions, especially in the production phase.

What I can definitely say is that in regards to animation, you definitely have some potential. The animation actually looks great. Like some of these walk-cycles are correct and there is some smooth and definite motion here and there. The idea works with this animation and you have a good grasp on atmosphere. Although I think not a lot has happened, you've established the story very well, got some nice environments and superb voice actors.

All in all, I think you've done a great effort! There are some problems here and there but from what I've seen, I'm pretty confident that you fix these issues or at least address one of them in your next instalments.

Kel-chan responds:

thanks alot for tips

and yeah- I am kind of inbetween the reality vs exaggeration. One reason I switched to 3d is I didn't use 2d to the fullest since you can do insane exaggeration and since I never really did that- it was kind of pointless.

I think i'm going to try to go with more reality. The only tough part is coming up for a "reality" for things that don't exist yet.

Pretty good but sadly I found a number of flaws somewhere in the middle of the animation. Like dull expressions but the lines are clearly something intense, and also the whole fighting scene, it was very sloppy and could have looked better. Overall I still liked the story and the graphics (could use some clarity though). Reminds me of Monty Oum ^.^

You should try to polish the lip sync a little more on your next episode. Bigger contrasting mouth shapes and more variation. It was very flappy throughout. That and some small eye darts could help give the characters a lot more life during their long talking scenes.
Giving the characters expressions some more asymmetry could help them look a bit more appealing, too.

Keep up the good work! If you were the only animator pushing out that much footage, then my hat is off to you!

This is really good. The animation is a little janky in some spots, but otherwise an amazing job.

Despite the soundtrack completely eclipsing the voices in several moments of the episode, the 3D art style and sinister backstory complement each other perfectly and deliver an everlasting and futuristic tale not easily forgotten.

I'll certainly be supporting the Patreon project and I await future entries of the series eagerly.

Kel-chan responds:

yeah I'm gonna try to fix the sound issues- I should have the next episode either by the end of the month or early march