Reviews for "Arc Infinitum 1"

Now was suspenseful!!!!!!!!!!!!
I only hope it like your other "series" will be continued someday.

Kel-chan responds:

working on it but it may take longer- i dont like how it looks so far

SirUndead seems to be channeling Edwyn Tiong. But everyone seems to have the same disinterested, sarcastic tone of voice. It gets kind of annoying.

Really nice animation of course. Is that lady detective wearing a sports bra to work?

Kel-chan responds:

"If you got it...flaunt it"


I'm truly impressed with this animation, there are a few things that can be improvend upon but overalll it's really good ^_^

Great job with the animation, story, and voice acting. It all worked together well.

Very nice artwork, good story setup, and animation was below average Newgrounder 3D par yet I can see that you have the potential to quickly refine your work.

I took points off for animation difficulties and soundtrack issues mentioned beforehand - always make sure dialogue is crystal clear especially if it's a dialogue scene!

I hope your second episode improves upon all these minor issues. :)

Kel-chan responds:

check it out ep 2 is here http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/654141