Reviews for "Arc Infinitum 1"

Seriously quality work, a lot of skill presented in under ten minutes: multilayer plot, sound/foley well thought out, lighting technique and animation very smooth and realistic. Very nice.

Love it and also loved the guys voice. Sounded like the toonami guy :D

I really liked this animation. It brought me into it and I thought it was interesting. I really like the animation style and the plot. I thought it was well executed and the voice actors did a terrific job. One thing I noticed was that the lighting on their faces were a little off. Maybe that's just me. But, overall, great job and good luck with your future projects.

SirUndead seems to be channeling Edwyn Tiong. But everyone seems to have the same disinterested, sarcastic tone of voice. It gets kind of annoying.

Really nice animation of course. Is that lady detective wearing a sports bra to work?

Kel-chan responds:

"If you got it...flaunt it"


Great job with the animation, story, and voice acting. It all worked together well.