Reviews for "Arc Infinitum 1"

Still the usual awkward movements, pacing and not enough easing. The story, props, and lighting redeem it pretty well.
No stars were taken away for this, but for goodness sakes "Youtube.com" is no way to credit the Neotokyo soundtrack. Since you are using it for commercial purposes, did you at least get permission from http://edharrison.net/ ?
That's like if I redid the soundtrack for your animation, uploaded it to youtube for ad revenue, then credited your animation as "google.com".

Kel-chan responds:

it hasn't been updated because I had to republish the video because I also misspelled one of the VAs names. refresh it a bit.

As for awkward movements....it'll just take time to iron out and i just have to keep reading tutorials. I'd take a 3d animation class but...seems like a waste of $

Doesn't seem too bad but can certaintly be better:
-the frame rate was a little low, nothing major though.
-the anger in the voice acting needs more work, if you can't handle it, avoid for a little while
-the breasts of the female agent looked very odd, and sexist (to me), also her face doesn't match her voice or her swear words
-the man agent looked like a young hipster/gangster person when he smoked, consider highlighting his age maybe
-the robots looked a little odd, because it was shorter than the human beings, making it appear to be like a child, also, the robot showed up in the room of suicide on the agents' side but later against them, that can use some explanation, maybe those robots are of the same brand just serving different people.
-the fighting scenes certaintly need some work, the spacial sense was not clear and it was a little slow.

It is cool to experiment with the things you don't know, but it does impact the quality of your output, so, my advice is, try out cool effects, but only a few each time.

good work on the story line and VO, just hope the animation gets better in later episodes

Kel-chan responds:

youp- imma trying to fix it

I really thought this was an interesting animation, However the flaw that it didn't seem to play "smoothly" slightly put me off. When the second episode of this series is released I hope it plays more smoothly. I also noticed some of the details on faces & buildings were a little pixely, but that isn't in need of redo-ing as it's quite unnoticeable. Good luck with your future animations!

Kel-chan responds:

I don't know if you mean the frame rate was slow or the video kept buffering. If its the video- it might be because its long and 9 minutes so you might have to let it buffer. If its the frame rate then I can speed it up to make it a little smoother

I really got a Psycho Pass vibe off of this, and the aniamtion may have been a little clunky, but it was very interesting. With a little work it could be really amazing.

Well written, and well voiced. Hope to see more stuff like this form you guys.