Reviews for "Mushroom Monday"

Dude, your idea for a game is great. I didn't find the USB though, it was nice to work through the nice work you've put into this game. 5/5

LITTLE LESS EFFECT PLEASE still had my fun raging, found the stick tho ;D wasn't that hard, i mean it was an obvious place... well for my standards. The controlls where a little bit trolling me, because you usually can crouch in games... and well, i think searching arround without crouching is a bit weird...

Interesting idea for a search and find game... though those 'special effects' don't feel so special when they're as constant as they are, wish there'd be some variation there, some normality to balance out the trip. Control; scenery otherwise isn't bad, that of it which you see. Keep it going!


Hurry up. Hurry up. Hurry up. Hurry up. That's what I kept saying while waiting for the screen to clear so I could continue. The inability to see sucks all the fun out of this game. :\

The RGB trippy effects essentially rendered the game unplayable. Maybe space them out so it isn't a constant effect. Would recommend having the effect become more severe over time. Also couldn't tell if I was actually interacting with anything. A recenter mouse fun would be helpful as well.