Reviews for "Tricky Little Lander"


I'll admit I wasn't expecting much, but this is actually quite fun. Very smooth controls and nice design; tricky but not too hard.

Was wondering for a while if you were even able to crash the craft, was dragging along the ground for a while in one of the earlier levels, but it turns out it's a piece of cake to make a fatal landing if you let the wrong part of the craft go against it. It's a tricky but addicting little lander, reminds me of games I played so long ago! Appreciate the highscores, and the crisp pixel graphics, a simple interface and plenty of levels. Not sure I feel that classic music fits in though, feels somehow very... Earthly. Also would've been nice with a way to hit Enter (or button of choice) to speed up transitions between levels. But overall it's a great game! Nice work!


nice retro. physics work like i remember from moon lander

My only suggestion is to change the sound of the rocket exhaust thingy.