Reviews for "Sig Sour"

I love the mix of flat shading and subtle airbrush shading, and overall you've really got the technique figured out. Like, dayum!!

Great job, I like this. I love your style.

This feels Stamper-e, the story at least.

Cymbourine responds:

Fuck a beat I was tryna suck a fart (suck that fart)
But I ain’t sucked that fart bitch I fucked a shark (fuck that shark)
Crush a xan' where’d it go up my ass (prrrt)
My dick itchy like I rolled it in grass (why my dick itchy)

Oh crap, I guess I’m just a figment of everyone’s imaginations...
g o o d b y e e v e r y o n e . . .

All jokes aside, the illustration’s pretty good. Keep it up!

Awesome art