Reviews for "Confusion Through Sand"


I loved this cartoon! It's so great that you are using your work in film festivals. I was at first amazed at how this was the first thing you did, but you have done other things on other websites. I was just amazed at how colorful this was done. It has some of the most unique backgrounds I've ever seen! I thought maybe it was a reference to "American Sniper".

I wasn't sure if it was enacting a certain part of the war on terrorism. I guess I just think about Osama bin Laden's death which was already a movie. This truly shows us the horrors of war. I believe this is quite realistic. It just shows you the unspeakable bravery our troops go through. God bless you!

Absolutely awesome! The story, the animation, just…everything! What a neat experimental film!

Very powerful, excellent work.

I really enjoyed the Impressionistic style of this animation. It kind of reminded me of Counter-Strike.