Reviews for "Confusion Through Sand"

This was pretty intense. Found myself a little worried who he was shooting at. Was it his own guys at the end? This should of got a Daily 1st but regardless I'm impressed with the presentation. Great meaningful images, Sound effects were amazing. If I were to complain about anything its the long exposed time to the second sand effect. That might of been on purpose. Anyhow, Great, Awesome, Excellent job!!!

those were some QUALITY sound effects, from the breathing to the bullets hitting the sand. good stuff man

This is one of those "masterpieces" of newground.

Literally the only flaw was that there was just 1 insurgent in the area and that 3 soldiers its not a standar number to deploy. Its at least 4 or 6 most of the time.

To think how much goddamn work it must have taken...

Wow this one blew me away, the style complemented the chaos so well, dizzy yet so pretty to look at. The camera angles made a great confusion to really show how, I can only imagin how a situation like that is in real life. Was this whole thing drawn on recycled paper? Now thats good use of the environment. Very impressive, favorite it directly.

BCWiessner responds:

There were two kinds of recycled paper. The main paper was donated by Daler-Rowney, and the extra grainy paper was donated by Art Supply Warehouse. Both companies got behind the project very early, and were incredibly generous with their gorgeous paper.