Reviews for "Confusion Through Sand"

I have only 2 words: Instant classic

I don't really have any words for this masterpiece, so I'm just going to give you all my stars.

I read the first review on this film, from LV100
I'll paste it below

too much sand I couldn't see. and you made him too adorable. they are trained to be ruthless like those fighting dogs. also hes a mercenary so I don't know why hes being so scared looking. you people always trying to romanticizing the job when I ran it in tf2 I couldn't stand up for 2 seconds without being shot at. it was too easy to die. and I had no idea how to fight back. I mean come on how did he even make it that far? nobody shoots the legs! also it is very cheesy too. and there w\as too m;uch sand.

...These are the thoughts of a person who knows nothing. Fighting is nothing like tf2. It is nothing like COD. No matter how much training you have, all that is in your mind is fear.

"and you made him too adorable"
...This was a 19-year-old boy. A young man who wanted to serve his country but instead was sent to police a place that we have little business policing. Thousands like him have died in the same circumstances.

Learn some respect.

Five stars doesn't begin to express what this little gem deserves! Such a unique style and gritty portrayal of realism. The subtle little details really add depth, all of the effects, the sound, sand blowing around, and oh the camera angles! The camera angles really sell the story, they throw you right in there.

Clearly a lot of time, effort, and love went into this one. Looking forward to more.

Holy fucking shit! One of my family members was in Iraq for a few years, the tales he was allowed to tell me, were amazing to hear, this feels like an actual small film of some things he said. It's not 100% accurate ofcourse, but still the confusion, sand in the eyes, blow of winds, and lot's of tough decisions.
This video was really, really well made! Not to forget the audio quality! It's like you're somewhere in that small town, observing that lone soldier.
Small question though, did his team mates die? Or got lost in confusion? I think the last for obvious reasons. Excellent, you don't see these often anymore. ( or im blind, and can't find them.)