Reviews for "Confusion Through Sand"

I simply can not express how good that was. Everything, and I mean EVERYTHING was used to its grestest extent. The animation is the best thing about this and the jerkiness of the lines from frame to frame showed to me how the mind is in this kind of setting (at least that's how I interpreted it to be), and could mean many more things, not to be that kind of critic who just gives anything a positive review because of that. The sound is its biggest downside... oh fuck that it doesn't matter in something this amazing. You feel the tension rising and you're at the edge of your seat the whole time asking yourself "What's going to happen next?" and then asking "How could this possibly be topped?" at the end of it. This is better than "There's a Man in the Woods". I shit you not. This needs to be featured as an Admirable Animation from Mr. Enter (If you know who that is, good for you. If not, check him out on YouTube.). And that may not sound like a big deal, but it is. This would go from 5,813 views to more than five times that, and would go into the best of the ages portal too guaranteed. I can't see anyone with half a mind giving this lower than a 4.5 stars. If I could I would give this 100 stars, but I can't so, a perfect score for you. I have no more words to share with you. I tip my hat off to you.

Undoubtedly the most amazing thing I've seen here in years.

Captivates the most raw and intrinsic feelings of emotion.

I've shared this on every channel I know.


wow, nice animation,is creatif

Very powerful, excellent work.

holy shit.