Reviews for "Confusion Through Sand"

I can also imagine the boy on the other side, believing that the soldier killed the man with the goat and pursuing him. Surreal.

This piece was very well done. Solid in its exectution and very emersive, I felt connected to the piece the whole way through. The animation was top notch and impressive to watch, I especially enjoyed the sand storm scenes. The lack of dialogue was a good fit and I feel it not only helped to connect me to the character more, but also left things open to interpretation. This treatment only helped the piece, especially considering the subject matter. The sparse voice work also served to further the immersion and highlight the detailed animation and action. Overall I thought this piece was fantastic and I hope to see more of your work in the future yo.

I really enjoyed the Impressionistic style of this animation. It kind of reminded me of Counter-Strike.

i loved it

Not my style of animation but this one was very good. I liked the way the action was "filmed" (shaking camera).
And it's an amazing short story!