Reviews for "Confusion Through Sand"

This...This is art.

What can I say? Actual animation. No motion tweening. Literal frame by frame work. Quality animation style aswell. It sets the scene well in a war zone. And this was able to make me feel the emotions of the character, even without him saying a word. This is how it's done.

Best thing I've seen on here in a while. Really caaptures the feeling of combat, loud, scary, & disorientating. Looks really good and the movements act camera angles flow very well.

This is simply to well done, if there is a word for it. Briliantly made animation, I actualy felt my selft in the situation in the video.
But I must say, I dont understand. Was our "heroe" an invaider american soldier who is in "battlemode" or ... is there a moral or story to this? I mean it is good, and far better thet my lazy but would allow, but there are much better animations whith a bit more story (for starters) , but have no fancy smancy awards . Im sorry , i did not meant to be rude, but i hade to write this down.

This overall recieves my Highest Praise, the use of traditional hand-drawn, frame-by-frame animation on recycled paper of all things, makes this all the more dynamic to look at than many tweened or 3D animations commonly seen here. The Sound Mixing for this is also phenomenal!