Reviews for "Confusion Through Sand"

Truly amazing. Seeing every frame painstakingly hand-drawn would be enough, but your camera angles when changing perspective are nearly flawless. The use of different paper qualities to show the sand also seems entirely unique. Bravo, bravo.

Oh my dear lord! This short is fantastic!
Who would have thought that the headache inducing wobliness can convey the sense of fear, loneliness, confusion and the hell that is war so well?

This is awesome! And eco-friendly, but still awesome! The animation is nice and fluid, the art is fantastic and the story's great too. Awesome job!

incredibly powerful, superbly paced and wonderfully directed, .. definitely an amazing piece of animation and desrves to be seen by many people. bravo

I loved this cartoon! It's so great that you are using your work in film festivals. I was at first amazed at how this was the first thing you did, but you have done other things on other websites. I was just amazed at how colorful this was done. It has some of the most unique backgrounds I've ever seen! I thought maybe it was a reference to "American Sniper".

I wasn't sure if it was enacting a certain part of the war on terrorism. I guess I just think about Osama bin Laden's death which was already a movie. This truly shows us the horrors of war. I believe this is quite realistic. It just shows you the unspeakable bravery our troops go through. God bless you!