Reviews for "Confusion Through Sand"

This is sensational. I loved it. This would easily be one of the best animations I have ever seen in my life. Breathtaking.

I practically never log in to Newgrounds. Whenever I rate things on a numbers system, I dont' rate like many on this site who hand out perfect scores like candy. But this was fucking fantastic. I've never seen anything like it.

Absolutely awesome! The story, the animation, just…everything! What a neat experimental film!

Simply breathtaking. Newgrounds continues to be a vessel for grand, professional animation. Economically amazing. The camera angles you were able to pull off is an animator's dream. The content was so thick. I see at least 10,000+ frames here. Staggering performance. I'm running out of adjectives to describe the quality of your piece. Encore!

This was incredible. The skill and time it must have taken to create this is unfathomable. To top it off, films like this do NOT come often. They are few and far. Stop motion photography has lost its edge unfortunately, and not many people make them anymore. I am really pleased to see the art in this video paired with stellar audio to create a realistic sense of urgency within the character when he saw the boy he shot. This video probably won't be supped any time soon, definitely one of my favorites of all time.