Reviews for "Shipwreck Island Escape 5"

I didn't play the first 3, do they give you a hint of how to solve the number puzzle on the chest? I'm not sure if the 2-shaded pie thing was the hint, and how you work that out.

I couldn't figure out the four-digit code from the 7/16 pie. Thanks to the walk through, I received a key after opening the safe. Other puzzles are alright. I wish there were two separate lever boards to open the gates. This will save one's time for revisiting a scene without switching the levers again.

The last stick was hard to spot. I had to glance the walk through and found out it was hidden between the bush stacks. I felt relieved to have escape from this island because I had never imagined finding five sticks would be so hard. :|

Excellent as always!

Anyways Good game