Reviews for "Shipwreck Island Escape 5"

Too much tile-hunting and stick-spotting.


In tHE SeCret room behind tHe oVergrown weeds, I Cleared tHe Handle and pushed it down before ColleCting tHe key behind tHe brick. Now wHen I try to CliCk on tHe key it says there isn't enough room to ColleCt tHe key. So it won't let me Continue.

Nice - like the chest with the point. Also like the slider puzzle (mostly because it could open two doors). That last log was harder than finding the gold. And after lighting the fire, grandpa is STILL asking you to light it... that had me a little confused - but if you go down to the ocean, the ship is there, so game over.

Nice finish to a nice game series.
Here is the final Walkthrough: http://youtu.be/RvQrbg00vdo

Great finish to another fun escape game.
FYI, a bug that I found (*SPOILERS* obviously):
At one point, after I collected the straw, I looked at the treasure map. While viewing it, I clicked on the map (I may have had the straw highlighted, not sure), and it did the lemon animation from the earlier part and "consumed" the straw as if it was the lemon, meaning that the straw was now gone and I couldn't complete the game. So if you can fix that, you'll want to, otherwise if someone makes that mistake, they have to start over (which I did).
But that's a minor glitch, and the logic puzzles were very good, challenging enough without being frustrating. Keep it up :)