Reviews for "Shipwreck Island Escape 5"

Gloriously complicated!

Nice series. I liked this a bit more than Medieval Survival, since the environment was a bit more complex / lively and there was more attention to animation. I still think the HUD design could be better, there could be more animated effects (fading, transitions, etc), and more characters which actually wondering around the scene would add a lot of life.

selfdefiant responds:

Thanks! Yes, more animations would be better!

A good conclusion to the mini-series. Good job with the puzzles and hope you keep it up in future games.

Another fun adventure reaches an end! And plenty of puzzle in this one too. And that grandpa keeps surprising! Now with incredible totem-pole whittling skills as well! With all the things he can do it's strange you need to do anything at all. :) Wonder if there'll be any puzzle solving on that cruise ship hmm. Keep it going!


Grandpa sure is lazy...lol finished the series but it's not giving me medals