Reviews for "Dig2China"

an addicting dig a deep

innersloth responds:

:D I really like "Dig a deep" as the genre for this game! Calling it a fling or toss feels wrong.

I could play this game for hours.

...In fact, I just might.

TIL: The earth is like 7-8km in diameter :-P

Game was really fun though :)

innersloth responds:

Haha, yeah, we mixed up our miles and km... Just maybe. Glad you liked it though!

I used to be able to play this all the time... but now I can't because of WebGL... but it's still a great game!

I love it!!!! Got to the opposite crust 4 times before realizing that boost existed! XD Then it was pretty easy from there. I really enjoy this game, good for killing time or something to play while AFKing.