Reviews for "Dig2China"

i love upgrade games and i love your games puff dude

Thank you for whomever put in the ghost's "A-BOOGITY BOO!" When I first realized what it said I died in the game because I laughed so damn hard in my robotics class. Five stars earned and, of course, a strong 5 point rating. I have yet to find any bugs in the game but if I do I will be sure to inform you.

P.S. It would be neat if I could go back up to get that extra fuel but whatever, I'm just nit-picking.

i play the 1 and i love it ,i play the 2 i love it. lol, enjoy

THIS GAME'S FREAKIN' AWESOME. The right amount of difficulty and replay value, and cool sound effects and such. Anyone else wanted to scream when turning and subsequently missing ALL the treasures on the way down?!?!!? Nice job!

I LOVE these types of games, where you have to get somewhere, you start from nothing, and have to collect fuel and upgrade to go further. This would've been Perfect with medals! :D

I also find most of the loading screens comments hilarious.