Reviews for "Dig2China"

Awesome game!!!

-whoever i am

This Game Is so addicting and entertaining
Thumbs UP For Dig2China i Enjoyed It!

I would play this but the game has a really bad flickering problem (and no other flash game causes this for me) so I can't honestly play it without it hurting my eyes. If you could fix that, I'd play it a bit more.

innersloth responds:

Hmm, which browser are you using? This game is HTML5, not flash, so some browsers like it better than others, but maybe I can fix it!

I could play this game for hours.

...In fact, I just might.

an addicting dig a deep

innersloth responds:

:D I really like "Dig a deep" as the genre for this game! Calling it a fling or toss feels wrong.