Reviews for "Dig2China"

Its a really good game. You should really consider doing a sequel after you finish the Henry Stickman seires.

Its a fun game. It is a good game with nice art and a funny story. The only problem is that the kid's voice is a little annoying and it could use some music. But besides that it's a good game.

Really good game. I was kind of hoping for the challenge of fighting gravity after getting through the core, though. Because at that point you'd be climbing not digging. But it was still really fun. I liked how certain items changed on the other side to show that it was the other side of the world.
Thanks for making this

really good game! although i wish there was a saving system installed

I love it!!!! Got to the opposite crust 4 times before realizing that boost existed! XD Then it was pretty easy from there. I really enjoy this game, good for killing time or something to play while AFKing.