Reviews for "Tales from the Crossing"

This gave me da chills. I am putting my copy of the game in a steel box and bury it six feet under.

That is some scary kid... Was it all fake in the end?

skylegend01 responds:

The villager took over the kid's body pretty much and left him in that dream world.

Love the style of animation you used

The backgrounds in particular really kept the atmosphere.

While the animation seemed low frame, it worked really well.

The camera angles were spot on and when all things considered were put together
it produced a masterpiece. It's a mastapiece! Awesome.

I definitely like this, and the animation definitely goes along with the meme "Does this look like a face of mercy to you?" or something similar to that. That face is terrifying anyway, though this animation made that face even more etched into my memories, though it's a face that would be very hard to forget. I hope that you make more, and I find this animation to be amazing in content, and with the idea to make something so creepy, but intriguing.

skylegend01 responds:

Thank you I am glad you liked this. I actually have another called Nightmare Coco and I am currently working on a third installment based on Blanca. I hope you enjoy those as much as you enjoyed this one.