Reviews for "Tales from the Crossing"

The backgrounds in particular really kept the atmosphere.

While the animation seemed low frame, it worked really well.

The camera angles were spot on and when all things considered were put together
it produced a masterpiece. It's a mastapiece! Awesome.

Loved the facial expressions, keep up the good work !

firstly, I'd like to applaud you for the drawings/animation and the music really set the mood,
I was expecting something more scary to happen but I'm relieved it didn't.
good stuff.

skylegend01 responds:

Thank you for that I'm still working on learning flash and some other programs completely, but I am glad you enjoyed it.

Now that was creepy.

I love the Animal Crossing games series and when i saw this video, I absolutely loved it. It was very creepy which i liked so great job. Keep up the good work :-)

skylegend01 responds:

Thanks and I will definitely keep the work coming for you all!